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deMONstration Monday

Introducing deMONstration Monday

Out of curiosity, I joined a beginning sewing group beaming with people who began sewing masks and are now trying new sewing projects.  I wanted to see what kind of projects new sewers are working on for potential class ideas.  Some of the questions in the group inspired me to do start recording YouTube videos.  I decided to call the series deMONstration Monday.  

Please help me build my YouTube following!  Here's four easy things you can do to help:

  1. Watch my video.
  2. Give it a thumbs up.
  3. Leave a comment.
  4. Share the video with your friends.
  5. Subscribe to my Sewing Machine Artistry YouTube channel.

I can now add cinematography to my growing list of skills as I learned how to edit my own videos and incorporate animations, text and music.

As you may know, I do regular Facebook Live videos, and decided that I would pre-record the YouTube videos then upload it to YouTube.  Since YouTube Live is an option, I suppose I should try it some time.  I had not recorded a video like this in quite some time, and realized I should have said more!  I took about a half-hour worth of footage and edited to approximately 12 minutes.  This is the beginning...the regular YouTube posters make it look really easy!

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