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Classes & Events

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Trunk Shows & Lectures


Trunk Shows




Hold Everything:  Purses, Totes & More

Be inspired with eye candy from the book Hold Everything:  Purses, Totes & More written by Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva and Betty Mitchell.  In this trunk show you will be inspired to make your own purses, totes, travel cases and other accessories 


Inspiration Galore

You will be awed and inspired by the gorgeous projects from Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva and Sulky of America.  See these lovely projects up close and be ready to start working as soon as you get home.  You'll see a medley of inspiring samples from home dec, Zentangle®, repurposed quilt tops, wallets, handbags, quilts, and more! 


Class Sampler

This trunk show will inspire you to request every single one of Michelle's classes.  Here you will meet Michelle and see some amazing projects up close.  You will get an overview of the techniques or finishes you will learn when you make the projects.  The Class Sampler can be an interactive opportunity to help store owners collaborate with their customers in a fun and informative way so they can offer the programs and classes that interest their customers the most. 



Stabilizer Lecture


Did you know that stabilizers can be used in many other applications besides machine embroidery?  In this lecture, you will learn more than you can imagine there is to know about stabilizers!  Stabilizers help us achieve better results and solve some challenges we face in our sewing.  Michelle will go over the four main types of stabilizer, their differences and factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the type of stabilizer you want to use.  Then we will delve deeper into the topic and talk about all of the kinds of Sulky stabilizers in much greater detail.  You will see samples, the good, the bad and the ugly.  At the end of the class, you will be better prepared to choose the right stabilizer for your projects.


 All About Threads


Thread is not thread, and not all thread is the same.  In this lecture you will learn about the 13 different types of Sulky thread, why thread weight matters, selecting the best thread or threads for the job, what size and type needle to use, and special tips for setting up your machine for best results.



Notions Commotion


Michelle will jump-start your creativity as she inspires you with some of the sewing notions, stabilizers and threads she cannot live without.  And, once you learn about them, you will discover some sewing tasks can be made so much easier with the right tool for the job.  You will learn a variety of techniques that you can do with them.  These tools cover the gamut from hand embroidery, applique, quilting, machine embroidery, sewing perfect seam allowances and "sew" much more! 



Hands-On Technique Workshops (2 - 4 Hours)


Working with Metallic Thread


Most people love the beauty of metallic thread, but they are afraid to use them because of unsuccessful past experiences or the horror stories they have heard from other people.  Michelle will introduce you to three of Sulky's metallic threads, and explain the difference between them.  You will learn two ways to help you sew with metallic thread successfully the first time.  Once you understand metallic threads and how to sew with them the right way, you will be incorporating lovely metallic thread bling in all of your future projects. 


Fabric Manipulation Techniques 


 There are so many fun and unconventional things you can do with fabric, thread and a little bit of stabilizer.  In this workshop, you will learn some creative ways to use fabric and add flair, dimension and interest to your projects



The Thread Director and 

The Thread Director 2


Learn about the history of The Thread Director and perhaps you too will be inspired to create the next revolutionary sewing notion.  You will learn  how to install and use The Thread Director and The Thread Director 2, and the difference between them.  These great tools have a variety of uses to save you time, money and frustration! 



Ruffles & Pleats


Learn how easy it is to make ruffles, box pleats and knife pleats, and be inspired by some other cool ideas when making them.  Ruffles and pleats are beautiful techniques that aren't used too often because people don't have the right tools, think they are too difficult to make or don't know how to incorporate them in their projects.  These new skills will take your sewing projects from ordinary to extraordinary.  


Home Dec Zippers


Don't fear zipper insertion!  There's a better zipper on the market that makes zipper insertion fun and creative.  These zippers allow you to achieve a more custom and professional look.  Once you learn the how easy and beautiful these zippers are to insert, you will add zippers on everything from now on!


Free-Motion Sewing is Easy with Needle, Thread and Stabilizer!


Have you been wanting to learn how to do free-motion sewing, but don't know where to start?  Not only will you learn the basics skills of free-motion sewing, but you will also learn some secrets about how you can free-motion sew any design you want!  No matter if you are a quilter, art quilter or a sewer who wants to have a little bit of fun, you will be sure to be inspired and have a new appreciation for free-motion sewing. 



Iron-On Transfer Pens  


Sometimes teaching yourself something new sounds easy, but is intimidating and takes up time. Then you start to doubt yourself.  "What if I'm not doing this right?"  Then you second guess yourself, "Did I do it right?"  Then you quit because it didn't turn out the way you expected.  Well here's your chance to learn how to use the Sulky Iron-On Transfer pens the right way the first time.  Add this new skill to your repertoire, and you will be prepared when the opportunity strikes the next time.  Sulky Iron-On Transfer pens are a great creative outlet and can be a time saver!  You will discover some projects that are really fun to do with the kids and grandchildren, but honestly, you going to enjoy using these pens yourself!  This class is chocked full of information and inspiration!


Stabilizer Workbook


Michelle knows that learning the difference between all of the stabilizers can be a bit overwhelming, so she designed this hands-on class.  She will share with you her secret to remembering all of the information she needed to know about stabilizers.  It worked for her, and she believes this method will work for you too!  You will make the most beautiful, color-coded, useful stabilizer workbook you will ever need for your sewing room.  And, you will probably be inspired to add to this wonderful resource.  Plus, Michelle will give you links to colorful online resources so you can add to your workbook right away. 


Wallets - Hands-On Projects



Mini Wallet (Half Day Class) 


The Mini Wallet is one of those projects that looks much more complicated than it is to make.  In fact, with a little practice, you will be able to stitch one of these up in about a half an hour.  You will be very happy with the professional results you will achieve when you complete your first mini wallet.  You will love the Mini Wallet so much that you will be inspired to make more and more, and more and more!  This is a great pattern to bust your fabric stash too.  You will learn how to mark 30° or 60°quilting lines on the outside of the  wallet.  The inside of the wallet can hold four of your must-have cards such as your identification card, credit card, hotel key card and perhaps a get out of jail free card!  You will learn how to install a beautiful metal wallet clasp and get professional results.  The finished mini wallet measures 3" x 4-1/2" when closed.  



Macro Wallet (One Day Class)


You will love making the Macro Wallet as you learn priceless techniques that turn a handmade wallet into something spectacular.  This beautiful wallet is featured in the book Hold Everything:  Purses, Totes and More! written by Pam and Betty Mitchell.  Students will receive compliments about their wallet and will be proud to carry it with them wherever they go. 


The Macro Wallet features a long buttonhole zipper pocket that is great to secure paper bills and coins.  It also has a beautifully finished non-descript pocket for added storage where a checkbook can be easily stowed.  It also has openings for four of your most important cards and another full-length pocket.  After you learn how easy it is to make The Macro Wallet, you can take it up a notch and transform it into an elegant evening clutch, perfect for a special occasion or a night on the town.  It is stabilized with a special foam that gives this wallet a professional feel and finish.  When closed, this full-sized wallet measures 10" x 4."



 Cell Phone Wallet (Two Day Class) 


Students will enjoy making The Cell Phone Wallet.  The Cell Phone Wallet comes from the book Hold Everything:  Purses, Totes and More! written by Pam and Betty Mitchell.  This wallet is an adaptation of a cross-body style purse and features professional finishing details.  Students will be pleased with the results and will be inspired to make more wallets in their own colors or themes.  Michelle breaks this wallet into easy-to-do steps, and students will be surprised at how easy this wallet is to construct.  On the  outside, this wallet features a zippered buttonhole pocket and cell phone pocket which can hold a large cell phone, even  Michelle's humungous 6 Plus iPhone that's inside an Otterbox case.  Open the high-quality metal frame to reveal the customizable inside that can hold numerous cards, USB sticks, or whatever suits your needs.  A longer opening will secure larger items, such as store receipts and two more buttonhole zippered pockets for your cash!


Free-Motion - Hands-On Projects (2.5 to 4 Hours) 



Free-Motion Flower Pin


Make a fun flower pin and brush up (or learn) on your free-motion skills while you're at it.  You will learn how to replicate a different Zentangle-like  pattern with needle and thread...the easy way!  Don't worry, you don't have to know how to doodle or do Zentangle® in order to take this class.  Michelle will share the secret with you!  Due to the products used to make this project, the final assembly will have to be done at home.


Hand Sewing


Creative & Mindful Hand Sewing


Learn 5 basic hand sewing stitches so you can begin your journey in hand sewing.  Michelle will tell you about the choices you have when it comes to selecting the basic supplies.  Plus she will take it up a notch and tell you about some other practical supplies you need to make hand sewing a more mindful and creative experience for you. 


Machine Embroidery - Hands-On Projects (2.5 to 3 Hours) 



Embroidered & Inked Grand Flower


Inspired by a beautiful quilt, the adult coloring book frenzy and the need not to start a new hobby, Michelle combined her love for machine embroidery with her interest in painting on fabric.  You will learn how to properly stabilize the fabric for machine embroidery and discover some unconventional uses  for stabilizer when painting on fabric.  Learn how to paint the flower using Tsukineko Inks.  Once you've mastered painting on fabric, you will be inspired to recreate the quilt that inspired Michelle.


Hand Towel



If you need to learn how to make a quick last minute "go to" gift, then you need to learn how to make this hand towel. You will learn how to properly stabilize the fabric band to get better than professional results.  We'll send some time making a variety of prairie points.  You'll learn how the Clover Press & Roll can save you lots of time when making or sewing small pieces.  You'll also learn how to make continuous prairie points.  Have fun with prairie points by switching things up!  You'll learn two more prairie point styles.  Then, you can choose which one you like best to place on your lovely towel.  You will realize how fast this hand towel comes together, because as machine is embroidering, you will be working on the prairie points, which makes the final assembly a breeze!    



Boucle Lace Clutch



Stitch out this beautiful Boucle Lace Clutch created and designed by Jim Suzio!  You will be amazed as you experience the beauty of this clutch and how fast and easy it stitches together, almost entirely in the hoop.  This class includes a trunk show featuring Jim's other incredible lace masterpieces.  This class will definitely inspire you and cause you to think about lace in a whole new way. 



Scarves - Hands-On Projects (2 Days)


Whenever Michelle talks about scares, it draws a lot of attention!  Scarf making is fun and surprisingly easy!  In this two day event, you will learn some of the fundamental principles of scarf making.  Use these techniques as a springboard to customize your own one-of-a-kind designer-like scarves.  This class will feature The Thread Lace Scarf, Confetti Scarf, Infinity Scarf and the Morticia Scarf!


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