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Sewing Retreats and a FREE EZine from Schmetz

Sewing Retreats and a FREE EZine from Schmetz!

Hi Sewing Friends!

I'm starting to get caught up on some things I have been wanting to do.  I recorded on Facebook Live last week.  On Sunday, I posted a picture of something I was making on Facebook.  That picture generated a lot of interaction, and I intend to follow up with another Facebook Live soon.  

In the meantime, enjoy SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW # 53.  This is a  FREE monthly publication from Schmetz.  I've received this magazine for years now, and each time I dreamed of posting it for you, my Sewing Friends, to read and enjoy before it is made public on June 1st.  Well, today is the day!  I'm doing it!!! Enjoy!!!

This issue is about sewing and quilting retreats.  It's a great article that spells out the different types of retreats and retreat centers.  

Speaking of which, I live near a YMCA camp!!! I walk to this camp at least once every single day!  For over a year now, I've been dreaming of having my Sewing Friends gather here for our own retreat.  How do you like that idea?

That is "sew" scary to see in writing because I am one of those people who plan a party and no one comes.  

Heidi and I took a quick break and walked over to the camp and took a few pictures for you.

Welcome to YMCA Camp West Mar!

Here's an overview of the cabins.  The two on the left have bunk beds and can sleep 16 people each.  The blue one and the white one to the right have single beds and sleep 8 each.  The cabin to the far right is like a game room with a TV and pool table.  The blinds to the cabin in the center were closed so I could not take a peek inside.  Just to the left of the blue cabin is a bathhouse.  

I was able to get an okay shot through the window of the inside of one of the cabins with bunk beds.  In the far right is a bedroom for camp counselors.  That would make a nice changing room, in my opinion.  In the far left is a sitting area.  I think these are pretty darn nice accommodations for the YMCA!

This is the Mess Hall.  There is a bathroom inside.  It did not have tables set up inside, so I didn't bother taking a picture of an empty room.  I'm sure they have tables in storage somewhere.  There is a full kitchen in the Mess Hall too.

Here's a nice outdoor pavilion with a stage.  Normally there are tables and chairs here.  They too must be in storage.

A nice pool and the other bathhouse.  The pool would cost extra to have a lifeguard on duty.  I could not look inside either bathhouse to take any photos.  I know a  decent bathroom is important.  

Here's Heidi sitting next to the outdoor firepit.  She's smart.  She knew I did not have any treats for a nice pose.  One of the disadvantages of having a smart dog!  Just goes to prove, you get what you pay for!  laugh

The grounds also have an amphitheater, an archery range, a basketball court and a very modern spiderweb climbing playset.  And, nice walking paths!!!

Lastly the pond.  

I live close to a regional airport in Hagerstown, Maryland and about an hour drive from four airports:  Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport (BWI), International Airport at Dulles (IAD), and two airports, I don't normally use Regan (Washington, DC) and Harrisburg, PA.

There are plenty of major roads accessible to me such as Interstates 70, 81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 

So, let's brainstorm together!  In the comments section, tell me whether or not this sounds like a good idea to you.  What do you want in a retreat?  Comments about food...chip in and make it ourselves, have someone cook for us, or catered?  Trust me, you do not want me to cook!  Besides, I'm a vegetarian!!  Would you like to work on your own projects?  Would you like me to teach a class?  Would you like a weekend-long retreat or a few days?  Cost...what's that magical number that makes it too costly?  What time of the year too?  If I were to plan something for 2018, it would have to be October or later, if it's available. The camp is occupied during the months of June, July, and August with summer campers.

If you prefer to send me an email, my address is Michelle@SewingMachineArtistry.com. 

I'll follow the comments and review them after all my traveling is done in June.  

Have a wonderful day!  

Sew Long for now!




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